IBM System Storage N series with Snapshot technology

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IBM System Storage N series systems with Snapshot technology offer unique benefits

Point-in-time copy technology is available from a variety of data storage vendors, but not all such technologies are created equal. IBM System Storage N series systems with point-in-time Snapshot capability can offer important advantages. Snapshot technology can help deliver data stability, scalability, recoverability and performance capabilities. IBM System Storage N series systems can leverage the Snapshot technology as a foundation for developing a range of data protection solutions. These solutions can incorporate and extend the advantages of the Snapshot technology to support advanced enterprise data protection.

What Is a Snapshot copy?

A Snapshot copy is a locally retained point-in-time image of data. Snapshot technology is a feature of the WAFL® (Write Anywhere File Layout) storage virtualisation technology that is a part of Data ONTAP™, the microkernel that ships with every IBM System Storage N series storage system. A Snapshot is a "frozen," read-only view of a WAFL volume that provides easy access to old versions of files, directory hierarchies, and/or LUNs (logical unit numbers).

Snapshot technology performance capabilities support high scalability. A Snapshot can take only a few seconds to create-regardless of the size of the volume or the level of activity on the IBM System Storage N series storage system. After a Snapshot copy has been created, changes to data objects are reflected in updates to the current version of the objects, as if Snapshot copies did not exist. Meanwhile, the Snapshot version of the data remains completely unchanged. A Snapshot copy incurs little performance overhead; depending on available space, users can store up to 255 Snapshot copies per WAFL volume, all of which are accessible as read-only and online versions of the data.

Feature Benefits
Snapshot incurs low performance overhead
Users can directly access Snapshot copies
Store up to 255 Snapshot copies per volume
Integrated feature of Data ONTAP microkernel

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