IBM System Storage N series with SnapRestore capability

Restore data in record time


The challenge: Achieving fast data recovery from backups

The threats to enterprise data and business continuance are huge and ever present. At any time, a new virus can penetrate system defenses. A simple software upgrade can fail and stop operations cold. An order entry clerk can accidentally delete valuable client records. With traditional data recovery technologies, any of these events can cost hours of productivity and significant dollars.

The solution: Nearly instantaneous data restoration with SnapRestore

IBM System Storage™ N series systems with SnapRestore® capability can help an enterprise recover data quickly when disaster strikes. SnapRestore technology can help quickly recover data ranging in size from an individual file to a multiterabyte volume. IBM System Storage N series systems with SnapRestore capability can make recovering your data fast and easy.

Feature Benefits
Based on Snapshot™ technology
Easy to use
Restore from any available Snapshot

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