IBM System Storage N series with SnapMirror Software

Global data availability and disaster recovery


The challenge: Rapid access to mission-critical data

Today, global enterprises need to protect and quickly recover data in the event of natural or man-made disasters, operator errors, or technology and application failures. They also need an efficient way to distribute data to remote locations. Without an effective data protection and distribution strategy, operations can be brought to a standstill, resulting in significant lost revenue.

The solution: IBM System Storage N series systems with SnapMirror software

IBM System Storage N series systems with SnapMirror® technology can help you implement the disaster recovery and data distribution solution that your enterprise needs. By replicating data at high speeds over a LAN or a WAN, SnapMirror technology can help support high data availability and quick recovery for mission-critical applications.

SnapMirror technology is designed to mirror data to one or more network filers. It supports constant updates to the mirrored data to keep it current and available for disaster recovery, offloading tape backup, read-only data distribution, testing on non-production filers, online data migration, and more. If your enterprise is geographically dispersed and all locations need access to the same data set-such as training videos, CAD tools, and the like-SnapMirror can distribute the same data to all locations. By automatically updating this data and allowing local access to mirrored data, SnapMirror can help improve employee productivity and efficiency.

Feature Benefits
Flexible Replication
Easy to set up and use
Load Balancing
Incremental replication
Cascade mirroring
Compliant Data Protection

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