IBM System Storage N series with SecureAdmin

Enhanced security solutions for Data ONTAP


Delivering secure access

SecureAdmin is a Data ONTAP module designed to authenticated, command-based administrative sessions between an administrative user and Data ONTAP over an intranet or the Internet.

For environments with many administrators, internal security concerns, or the need to implement specific security policies, SecureAdmin is designed to authenticate both the administrative user and the filer, creating a secured, direct communication link to the filer. It helps protect administrative logins, passwords, and session commands from "cleartext" snooping by replacing rsh and telnet with the strongly encrypted SSH 1.0 protocol.


SecureAdmin is available on CD and requires a separately purchased, third-party SSH 1.x-compatible client. SecureAdmin is installed on the IBM TotalStorage N series filer from a remote client administrator console using a Web-based software installer application that is resident in Data ONTAP; installation does not require a filer reboot. Once installed on the filer, administrators perform a one-time setup for proper key generation for the SSH 1.x service. SecureAdmin can be configured to automatically enable the SSH service at boot time.

Feature Benefits
Easy installation
Encrypts administrative sessions across the Internet and internal networks
SSH 1.x standards compliant

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