IBM Real-time Compression Appliance STN7800

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IBM® Real-time Compression™ Appliance shrinks primary, online NAS data in real time, without performance degradation. By significantly reducing storage requirements, users can keep up to five times1 more information online, use the improved efficiency to reduce storage costs, or achieve a combination of greater capacity and reduced costs. Unlike other approaches to compression, IBM Real-time Compression is designed to be used with active primary data, which dramatically expands the range of candidate data that can benefit from compression. As its name implies, IBM Real-time Compression operates immediately as data is written to disk so no space is wasted storing uncompressed data awaiting post-processing. IBM Real-time Compression can also help deliver improved user response times and overall throughput because applications spend less time waiting for disk requests.

The IBM Real-time Compression Appliance STN7800 increases the effective capacity of the existing storage infrastructure to help users meet the demands of rapid data growth while also enhancing storage performance and utilisation. The IBM Real-time Compression Appliance applies patented IBM real-time data compression techniques to primary and existing storage, delivering optimisation and savings throughout the entire storage lifecycle. The result is unprecedented cost savings and return on investment, along with operational and environmental efficiencies.

IBM Real-time Compression Appliance STN7800

Feature Benefits
Multiple 10 GbE and 1 GbE ports
Integrated appliance
Shrinks data up to 80 percent*
Works in real time, without degrading performance
Works on primary, active data
Automated call home support
Model 2452-780
Number of 1 GbE ports 16 or 8 with mixed 1 GbE (copper) and 10 GbE (optical) option
Number of 10 GbE ports 8 or 4 with mixed 1 GbE (copper) and 10 GbE (optical) option
ECC memory 96 GB
Processor 2 Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 @ 2.70 GHz 8-core processors
Technical specifications
Host interface TCP/IP or UDP
Storage interface NAS: SMB v1 and SMB v2, Microsoft CIFS and UNIX NFS v3
Connectivity 10 GbE (optical), 1 GbE (copper), or mixed 10 GbE (optical) and 1 GbE (copper) options
Hot-swap components Power supplies, fan modules, disks
Rack support 2U form factor
Management software
High availability
Dimensions (W × D × H) 48.199 cm × 74.600 cm × 8.651 cm (18.976 in. × 29.37 in. × 3.406 in.)
Weight 30 kg (66 lb) maximum
Energy-consumption efficiency 100 – 240 V ac
50 – 60 Hz
900 W
IBM Real-time Compression Appliance can significantly improve energy consumption efficiency by reducing the amount of disk space required for NAS data.
IBM Real-time Compression Appliance has altitude- and temperature-controlled fans that adjust to compensate for changing thermal characteristics. At lower speeds they draw less power and suffer less wear. Temperature-controlled fans produce less ambient noise in the data centre than if they were constantly running at full speed.
Thermal output 525 – 3,480 Btu/hr (123 – 1,020 W)
Operating environment
Operating temperature range 10°C – 35°C (50°F – 95°F) at 0 m – 915 m (0 ft – 3,000 ft);
10°C – 32°C (50°F – 90°F) at 915 m – 2,133 m (3,000 ft – 7,000 ft)
Maximum altitude 2,133 m (7,000 ft)
Compliance RoHS-compliant
Tools Capacity Advisor provides the following customer reports: All the reports can be viewed on the web GUI as pie charts, bar charts or text
Warranty 1 year 9 × 5 next business day, upgrade to 24 hour × 7 days a week × 4-hour response

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