Host interface 1 gigabit (Gb) Internet small computer system interface (iSCSI), 6 Gb serial attached SCSI (SAS), 8 Gb FC (included), 10 Gb iSCSI/FCoE (optional)
User interface Web-based GUI
Single or dual controller Dual
Maximum cache 32 gigabytes (GB) (with two-way clustered systems)
Drive type Dual-port, hot-swappable, 6 Gb SAS disk drives
Drives supported Small form factor (SFF) 2.5-inch disk drives: Large form factor (LFF) 3.5-inch disk drives: SSD (SSD) 2.5-inch drives:
Maximum drives supported Up to six Storwize V5000 expansion enclosures (maximum of 168 drives per system and 336 drives in two-way clustered systems):
Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) levels RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10
Fans and power supplies Fully redundant, hot-swappable
Rack support Standard 19-inch rack-mount enclosure with alternating current (AC) power
Management software IBM Storwize family software for Storwize V5000
Advanced functions included with system
Optional advanced functions
Warranty Hardware: Software:
Operating environment
Heat dissipation (BTU/hr.)
Supported systems For a list of currently supported servers, OS, host bus adapters (HBA), clustering applications and storage area network (SAN) switches and directors, refer to the IBM System Storage Interoperation Centre at:
ISV solutions For a list of high-quality solutions with our partner ISVs, including access to solution briefs and white papers, refer to the ISV Solutions Resource Library

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