Storwize Rapid Application Storage solutions

Storwize Rapid Application Storage solutions combine hardware, software and implementation services to provide a complete solution that helps support improved storage efficiency.

IBM created two solutions to suit your storage needs, with the following benefits:
Feature Benefits Storwize Rapid Application Storage Manager Storwize Rapid Application Backup
Increase storage utilisation Virtualisation eliminates islands of storage to improve utilisation tick Optional
Thin provisioning allocates storage to applications only as needed tick tick
Increase application performance Easy Tier improves application performance, putting the right data on solid state storage tick tick
Analytics and automated data movement optimise performance tick  
Increase application availability Application-aware backups virtually eliminate downtime for backups, and improve data protection by up to 95% tick tick
Online data migration moves data with almost no downtime tick tick
Storage efficiency Efficient management of a Storage Area Network (SAN) tick  
Manage IBM and non-IBM storage from a single control point tick  

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