IBM System Storage EXP3500 Express


The IBM® System Storage® EXP3500 Express consists of two models—EXP3512 and EXP3524 expansion units—designed to affordably meet the demanding data requirements of today and tomorrow by building on more than 30 years of design expertise. The IBM legacy in enterprise storage systems, with 6 Gbps SAS drive technology, enables the System Storage EXP3500 expansion units to deliver best-of-breed technology, reliability and performance. EXP3500 expansion units are 2U cabinet-mountable 6 Gbps drive enclosures that are designed to support either a total of twelve 3.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3512) or twenty-four 2.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3524) for optimal flexibility and efficiency. EXP3500 expansion units can be a key component of a high-performance storage solution. With each external SAS port on the environmental service module (ESM) supporting a 6 Gbps x4-wide connection, EXP3500 can achieve excellent throughput to the host.

With global commerce and 24×7 information available on demand, businesses require continuous access to information in order to be productive, competitive and able to ensure customer satisfaction. EXP3500 expansion units offer the assurance of high availability with redundant power supplies and ESMs, which help ensure that contact with the drives continues even in the rare instance of a component failure. With hot-swappable components, you can remove and replace ESMs, power supplies and drives with minimal or no downtime. The struggle to manage escalating data volumes will not stop, even in a slow-growth economy. EXP3500 expansion units, with 6 Gbps SAS back-end technology, provide organisations with a seamless path to external storage—improving performance and scalability while lowering power consumption, all within a small footprint.

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