IBM System Storage EXP3500 Express

Feature Benefits
SAS expansion enclosures
  • Affordable entry point with midrange performance and reliability
  • 6 Gbps x4 wide SAS ports supports high bandwidth and random I/O applications
Scalable up to 192 drives with optional mixing of EXP3512 and EXP3524 enclosures
  • Ability to start small and grow the configuration as storage demands change
  • A choice of EXP3512 and EXP3524 allows for flexibility to choose the optimal enclosure based on organisational requirement
  • EXP3512 can offer the highest flexibility with support for a full range of requirements—high capacity and low cost to high-performance critical applications
  • EXP3524 is ideal for IOPS-intensive applications and energy-efficiency requirements with the highest IOPS/watt and 134 percent improvement in IOPS/U (compared to EXP3000 expansion unit)
Support for high-performance SAS, capacity-optimised SAS drives , SEDs and SSDs
  • Multiple drive support increases efficiencies, which provides large consolidation and virtualisation projects while helping keep costs low
  • Support of SEDs enables relentless data protection
  • The SSDs, supported by EXP3524, can be used to improve application performance while simultaneously reducing power and cooling requirements
Redundant and hot-swappable ESMs, power supplies and drives
  • Key component of a highly available and reliable storage configuration
  • Support for constant access to data 24×7
Power supplies designed to meet multiple power efficiency standards
  • Power efficiencies help meet green initiatives and reduce overall energy expenditures

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