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Optimise your data economics

Improve data economics to drive business success

IBM is announcing the new TS1150 tape drive along with exciting enhancements in software defined and optimised storage. IBM storage solutions help our clients meet the demands of both new and traditional workloads to accelerate business growth while reducing costs. These enhancements across the IBM Storage portfolio help customers improve data economics to allow them to get the most value from their data.

Dramatically optimise your infrastructure with storage virtualisation: Software defined storage for traditional workloads

Accelerate business insights with the extreme performance of Flash

Scalable performance for Cloud and Analytics with Software Defined Storage for new workloads

  • Elastic Storage: A fast, simple, scalable and complete storage solution for today's data-intensive enterprise

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Shiva Reddy

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  • Or call me at: 61-2-9407-5052
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  • Or call me at:      61-2-9407-5052
  • NZ clients call me at:       0800 426 431


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