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Announcement: IBM Spectrum Virtualise 7.6 delivers better data value, data security, and data simplicity for storage you already own

  • IBM Spectrum Virtualise Encryption Capability: Part of a Larger SDS ‘Whole’

    IBM is putting an encryption capability in its software - defined storage (SDS) management layer

  • Three simple ways to outsmart your storage

    Improve data value, enhance data simplicity and improve data security in the storage you already have with IBM Spectrum Virtualise.

Announcement: IBM Spectrum Scale 4.2 delivers easier, unified, high-performance storage for data analytics and scalable content repositories

Announcement: IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) now supports unified file, object and hadoop storage

Announcement: New IBM DS8880 hybrid data systems accelerate always-on business operations

Announcement: IBM next-generation tape solutions deliver cloud and big data storage efficiency by reducing costs and speeding data access

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  • Or call me at:      61-2-9407-5052
  • NZ clients call me at:       0800 426 431

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