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IBM® Systems Director, an integral component of IBM’s Smarter Systems portfolio, provides systems management personnel with a single-point-of-control, helping reduce IT management complexity and cost. With IBM Systems Director IT personnel are able to optimise compute and network resources, quickly respond to business requirements with greater delivery flexibility, and attain higher levels of services management with streamlined management of - physical, virtual, storage and network resources.

A key feature of Systems Director is a consistent user interface focused on driving common management tasks. IBM Systems Director provides a unified view of the total IT environment, including servers, storage and network. This allows end user tasks to be performed with a single tool – IBM Systems Director.

To achieve the benefits of both virtualisation and energy management, you need "state of the art“ tools to view and effectively manage systems and virtualisation across multiple technologies including VMWare and PowerVM. IBM Systems Director offers among the best hardware management tools in the industry that can help you save time and money by simplifying the monitoring and deploying of IT assets, optimising availability, enabling lifecycle management tasks, and managing the energy usage of your data centre.

Tivoli® Software, in combination with Systems Director, delivers integrated service management to help you reduce cost, improve service and manage risk by helping:

Building an IT infrastructure that addresses today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities, you need to not only ensure high availability and quality of existing services, but also meet customer expectations for flexible access to innovative new services that are delivered in the shortest possible time. With IBM Systems Director, you can optimise the utilisation of the multi-platform hardware and systems software in your data centre.

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