IBM® Systems Director provides a central point of control for aggregating and managing systems. It can be installed on one or more systems, called management servers, and systems can connect to the IBM Systems Director Web interface through a Web browser.
Plug-ins can be installed to extend the functionality of IBM Systems Director.

IBM Systems Director is available for AIX®, IBM i, Windows®, Linux® on Power, Linux on x86, and Linux on System z.


Support for IBM Systems Director and its available plug-ins is based on the platform on which you run IBM Systems Director Server.


Use the update manager plug-in of IBM Systems Director to acquire, install, and manage updates to Systems Director, its components, and the systems it manages. Updates can include new functions as well as fixes to certain firmware, operating systems, and platform managers.

If no Internet connection is available from your IBM Systems Director Server, you can manually download supported updates from the IBM Fix Central (US) website and then import them into update manager.

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IBM Systems Director offers a number of enhancements over the previous version, including the following:

For more information on the previous version of the offering, including downloads, see:

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