IBM PureFlex System and Flex System

Optimised solutions running on the most advanced,
integrated infrastructure available.

IBM PureFlex System and Flex System solutions

Your business needs to be faster and more nimble, able to respond to changing business needs at an ever increasing pace. IBM PureFlex System integrated infrastructure and Flex System advanced blade technology provide extraordinary foundations for improving IT simplicity, flexibility, reliability and performance for cloud, VDI, analytics and virtualised infrastructure deployments.

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    Customer success stories

    Learn how customers implemented IBM PureFlex System and Flex System to gain a competitive advantage.

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    Announcement features

    Analyst report

    Improve business efficiency with IBM PureFlex™ and Flex System™.

    Accelerate deployment

    Leverage PureFlex™ and Flex System™ for accelerated solution deployment.

    Simplify cloud

    Successful virtualisation and cloud solutions on PureFlex™ and Flex System™.

    Desktop virtualisation

    Pund-IT report on accelerating VDI solutions with PureFlex™ and Flex System™.

    Must see highlights

    Data centre security: An IDC Technology Spotlight

    Find out how System x servers help safeguard data.

    A balanced approach to energy efficiency

    Discover the energy efficiency features and benefits of System x servers.

    Flex Frenzy

    Discover what Flex System can solve for you in this interactive game

    Get Flex System at discount prices

    FlexPac offers an affordable way for your organisation to acquire Flex System.

    The Total Economic Impact

    Understand the potential financial impact of deploying an IBM PureFlex system in your organisation.

    Is "Scalable Blade" an Oxymoron?

    Blades deliver density but required a tradeoff in scalability until now.

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