IBM Flex System: The game changer

Innovation that transforms business.

You need your mission critical applications to do more and more each day - support your business in the cloud, meet the demands of mobile users, analyse growing amounts of data, and grow with your business. With the new IBM Flex System X6 Compute Node portfolio, you get the speed, simplicity and efficiency you need with the no-compromise building blocks of the IBM Flex System infrastructure.

IBM Flex System
Custom-build infrastructure to your requirements

IBM Flex System represents an entirely new generation of technology, with more performance and bandwidth, true integrated enterprise SAN storage, and far more capability to consolidate and virtualise than previous systems. A game changer.

Businesses around the world have a timely opportunity to move forward beyond blade servers, transforming the data centre by bringing together servers, networking, and storage – all under integrated management – with IBM Flex System.

Your business needs an infrastructure solution with a flexible architecture to support your needs today, but also designed to support multiple generations of future technologies. You need simple, integrated management to keep operational costs down, but you also want a no-compromise design with long-term investment protection.

Whether you need to migrate an existing blade server infrastructure to simplify management and improve performance and flexibility, or implement new workloads, a converged infrastructure like IBM Flex System can meet your needs.

Browse IBM Flex System elements

Starting with an innovative chassis designed for new levels of simplicity, reliability, and upgradability, IBM Flex System can help you go beyond blade servers. With a broad range of x86 and IBM POWER compute nodes, the Flex System V7000 storage node, enhanced networking capabilities and sophisticated system management capabilities, you can upgrade your existing blade server system to this converged infrastructure to make your IT simpler, more flexible, more open, and more efficient.

Spotlight on IBM Flex System

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IBM Flex System

IBM Flex System Manager for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Go beyond blade servers with IBM Flex System

Compute nodes that go beyond blade servers

1 IBM Flex System Flash on the IBM Flex System x240 Compute Node supports up to 1.6 TB compared to Dell M610 with 800 GB.

Networking capabilities designed for virtualisation and cloud

Storage capabilities optimised for efficiency and performance

Management integration with IBM Flex System Manager™

The community speaks

"Implementing the IBM Flex System solution was a smooth and painless experience, overall….The inherent interoperability of the Flex System platform makes it ideal for cloud services providers like us – providing optimal performance for a range of customer applications such as Microsoft software, ERP systems and various databases."

- René Jeppesen, Sales Manager, IT Relation A/S

"With Flex System, we feel data- and cloud-ready, and we now have a solid data recovery program. The system is centralised, secure and scalable, plus applications run faster. We can prepare for the future with a clear product roadmap."

- Chris McIntyre, vice president of IT, Bank of Utah

"In 20 years of working with IT solutions, the IBM Flex System Manager is the easiest and most comprehensive management console I have seen,” says Lindahl. “It has transformed our approach to IT management, enabling us to forget about the back-end systems and instead focus on developing innovative new services to support the business. We noticed the other day that we have not been down to the server rooms in over a year except to deploy new components!"

- Mattias Lindahl, IT Manager, ProfilGruppen

"IBM Flex System was our first choice for delivering high performance within the cloud. The KVM technology helps decrease our licensing costs, so we can be more competitive in our cloud pricing for customers. At the same time, KVM provides all the technical functions we need."

- Goran Djoreski, chief executive officer, Altus IT

"Citrix XenDesktop on IBM Flex Systems allows customers to rapidly deploy proven market leading desktop virtualisation solutions and go from concept to implementation with increased speed and flexibility."

- Krishna Subramanian, VP Marketing & Business Development, Citrix

There are many more voices describing the benefits of IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System.

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