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Organisations are using business analytics to discover insights into their performance and identify future opportunities. But systems can also transform the way we think, behave and operate. In today’s cognitive systems era, systems can learn through experiences, find correlations, create hypotheses, and remember, and learn from, the outcomes.

IBM Watson, built on Linux on Power, is the embodiment of this new era. It leverages deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning to accelerate and improve decisions, reduce costs and optimise outcomes. Watson uses a set of transformational technologies which leverage natural language, hypothesis generation and evidence-based learning. Combined with massively parallel probabilistic processing techniques, Watson can fundamentally change the way you look at solving problems quickly.

Today, IBM Watson solutions are being put to work in several industries to deliver personalised medicine, accelerate medical research and to find better business outcomes.

Discover how IBM Power Systems and Watson can transform the way your organisation thinks, behaves and operates for better outcomes.

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    Or call at : 1800 557 343
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