Access meaningful data to deliver key insights with powerful analytics tools

In the fast-paced on demand world, the explosive growth of both structured and unstructured data, and data systems from multiple sources, requires businesses to derive insights faster than ever to keep pace.

Big data and analytics solutions


Offers flexible, quick data deployment by working in tandem with IBM Power Systems to provide rapid time-to-value for your customers.

IBM Data Engine for Analytics - Power Systems Edition

Customise big data infrastructure solutions easily with this integrated software, optimised for both big data and analytics workloads.

IBM Data Engine for NoSQL - Power Systems Edition

Reduce costs and save time analyzing big data and generating results, with high speed access to RAM and Flash storage.

DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems

Create faster analytics insights using dynamic in-memory columnar technology to generate reports from data stored in any data warehouse for reliable predictive analytics.

IBM Solution for Analytics - Power Systems Edition

Pre-load and configure one or more IBM analytics applications with data warehouse acceleration on a POWER8 processor-based server.

IBM PureData System for Operational Analytics

Deploy, optimises and manages data intensive workloads for operational analytics with an expertly integrated system.

IBM DB2 Web Query for i

Assists organisational decision makers to make better, faster decisions with advanced query optimisation.


The POWER8 scale-out advantage

Gain more performance per dollar, better availability and scalability, and deliver improved scale-out scenarios while occupying less rack space than your competitors.

Clabby Analytics: Infrastructure Matters

Deliver high-performance while operating more efficiently with IBM POWER architecture.

82x faster business insights for real business value

Tap into the new currency of big data. Generate faster insights from your analytics platform with IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration on IBM Power Systems.

Analytics on IBM POWER with DB2 BLU

Speed up analytics and reporting with dynamic in-memory columnar technologies, helping you scan and find relevant data.

Solitaire on Big Data & Analytics

Understand how you can adopt, deploy and manage the demand for big data analytics.

Big Data on Linux on Power Systems

Gain new insights with scalable, powerful solutions to analyze data-at-rest, and to analyze data-in-motion.