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Doug Balog

Doug Balog
General Manager, IBM Power Systems

Open platform for choice with flexibility

IBM Power Systems provides a uniquely open platform for choice, allowing you to expand your options for faster technology development and IT integration with existing resources and ecosystem technologies. The explosive growth of big data and analytics and the commercial availability of cognitive computing solutions have become a top priority for business and industry leaders. Eighty-three percent of CIOs state that business intelligence and analytics is a part of their visionary plan, and organisations who apply analytics are 2.2x more likely to outperform their industry peers.1

In response to our clients’ need for workload platforms that deliver higher efficiency, better business agility, and a quicker time to value, IBM has committed to accelerating our investments in solutions for Linux on Power that support next generation workloads (like big data, analytics and cognitive computing systems such as IBM Watson). Red Hat, SUSE, the Linux Foundation, and other leaders in the Linux ecosystem support IBM in bringing another open platform for choice to the community.

The IBM PowerLinux server portfolio has expanded

With the IBM PowerLinux 7R4, we have added a four-socket option to the family of one- and two-socket Linux-only servers that exist today.  Based on the same technology as IBM Watson, the PowerLinux 7R4 provides a 32-core POWER7+ environment for emerging Linux workloads.

The PowerLinux 7R4 is ideal for new classes of workloads that are prevalent in the Linux space.  It adds capacity and value to IT operations by boosting efficiency, and leverages open technologies for deployment of business analytics, database, and web infrastructure workloads:

In addition to these IBM software offerings, thousands of other applications are now available for Linux on Power Systems … many of which have their roots in open source code. For example, EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server adds a database option for clients who wish to enjoy the resiliency and scalability advantages of Power, while standardising on open source software.

IBM PowerLinux solutions are built on POWER, and include PowerVM server virtualisation (US) and Systems Director VMControl virtual server management (US). They deliver trusted, state of the art technology at the small, mid, and enterprise computing levels, and are broadly deployed in production environments worldwide. These value-priced servers compete with x86 servers on cost, while delivering greater performance, higher utilisation, and superior availability.

These new announcements continue to build off investments over the past year, including:

Additionally, we plan to deliver (US) increased flexibility to clients so they can exploit the performance, reliability and scale of enterprise-class Power servers to reduce the cost of managing a Linux environment.

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