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Introducing next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing with IBM Power Systems


Businesses across all industries are being transformed by the explosive growth of big data and analytics. With new levels of business insights, organisations are able to deliver personalised experiences and services to match the rising expectation levels of their end users. Customers now expect personalised shopping experiences, evidence based healthcare and real time access to information and services. Today, IBM introduces next generation applications for big data and analytics and cognitive computing to help organisations of all sizes drive better outcomes through data driven insights.

Healthcare solutions (US)

IBM Power Systems solutions help healthcare organisations improve patient care and experience, reduce healthcare costs and maximise health resource utilisation.

IBM Patient Care and Insights Infrastructure Solution
Provides an advanced analytics solution to transform raw clinical information into meaningful, evidence based, actionable clinical insights to create positive health outcomes.

IBM Cúram Solution for Care Management - Power Systems Edition
Helps organisations to leverage the right resources across multiple organisations, combining both social context and clinical determinants to treat each individual holistically, enhance the quality of care and reduce costs.

IBM Campaign for Healthcare -  Power Systems Edition
Enables healthcare organisations the ability to design, deliver and manage personalised marketing campaigns, promotions and offers through preferred channels.

IBM Health Analytics Quick Start
Helps healthcare organisations to optimise patient care, health resources and reduce costs by rapidly deploying an integrated analytics platform.

Retail solutions (US)

IBM Power Systems solutions help retailers obtain insights to drive revenue and loyalty through personalised customer interactions.

IBM Campaign for Retail - Power System Edition
Provides the ability to design, deliver and manage intelligent, targeted cross channel campaigns to personalise the customer experience.

Cognitive computing solutions (US)

IBM Watson uses transformational technologies which leverage natural language, hypothesis generation and evidence-based learning to change the way organisations think, act and operate.

IBM Watson Engagement Advisor
Helps organisations drive better decisions and faster outcomes through personalised, contextual and evidence-based interactions.

Cross-industry solutions

IBM Power Systems cross-industry solutions help organisations of all sizes apply real-time data driven insights and new delivery models to improve business outcomes.

AIX Solution Edition for IBM Analytical Decision Management (US)

Combines predictive analytics, scoring and optimisation techniques for real-time data driven business decisions.

IBM Power Systems Solution Edition for Cloud (US)

A “fit-for-purpose” solution (hardware, software, storage, networking and services) that can be easily and quickly implemented to create a private cloud computing infrastructure.

IBM SmartCloud Entry 3.1 for Power (US)

Transforms a virtualised platform into a private cloud, by adding a self-service end-user portal, elastic infrastructure provisioning and basic metering to support a “pay-per-use” business model.

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