IBM Power 750 Express server


Everyone needs at least one of these. It is the kind of system that seems to do everything, that is always up, that runs your application and fits into your budget. Some people use these systems for their database engines, some people for their applications, some for their development and test. It is the type of system that answers questions, like those found on Jeopardy. It is the type of system that solves problems, like those waiting for you at the office. Whatever your need, the new IBM Power 750 packs plenty of horsepower in a compact package and is a sure way to get a good night’s sleep.

The new IBM® Power® 750 Express® has been completely redesigned to leverage the leadership performance of the POWER7+™ processor. The resulting combination of secure, reliable computing and energy efficient virtualisation make it an ideal system for application consolidation or transaction processing.

Your virtualisation platform matters

Lower costs, less risk, higher densities and quality with PowerVM

There is no upside to downtime

POWER7 makes sure downtime won't take down your business

PowerVM takes on VMware

Edison Group - PowerVM delivers up to 525% better performance

Why trying to save can cost

Waiting to upgrade can actually increase data centre costs

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