IBM Power 740 Express server


Everyone knows what 'performance' meant for IT in the past. Built on the foundation of POWER7+ processor technology, our Power Systems Express servers continue to excel and extend industry excellence in the traditional benchmarks of performance.

But today we are in the midst of an important technology shift driving growth and innovation – built on the confluence of big data, cloud, mobile devices and social business. As processes become more inter-related and complex, IT is being called upon to solve challenging new problems – and implement new IT projects, delivering them with both higher service levels and in a more cost effective manner. This era presents a defining moment for IT organisations to reshape the value they deliver through the customer experience.

The emerging measures of IT performance today are around agility and the ability to help the business capitalise on new opportunities. IT is measured on providing an infrastructure that can handle rapid growth and manage business risk while meeting higher required service levels. And of course it is expected that new services will be delivered with tighter budget constraints – with IT expected to do more with less and find the lowest cost solutions possible.

Businesses desire systems that deliver outstanding performance and can be tomorrow-ready today, with the infrastructure that allows the business to master big data, social, mobile, analytics and the flow of critical information. But they also demand that those systems achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and utilisation to help conserve energy and reduce infrastructure costs. As a small-to-midsize database server, the Power 740 Express server is fuelled by the outstanding performance of the POWER7+ processor, making it possible for applications to run faster with fewer processors, which can result in lower per core software licensing costs. The Power 740 Express also supports innovative workload-optimising and energy management technologies to help clients get the most out of their systems, running applications quickly and energy efficiently to reduce costs.

As a consolidation server, businesses can further reduce costs and energy consumption by combining the Power 740 Express performance, capacity and configuration flexibility with industrial-strength PowerVM virtualisation for AIX, IBM i and Linux. The Power 740 Express is designed with large memory and input/output (I/O) capacity to satisfy even the most demanding processing environments and can deliver business advantages and higher client satisfaction.

The Power 740 Express is a one- or two-socket server that supports up to 16 POWER7+ cores in a flexible 4U rack-optimised form factor. The Power 740 offers large memory capacity, outstanding performance of the POWER7+ processor, PowerVM and workload-optimising capabilities to enable companies to get the most out of their systems by increasing utilisation and performance while helping to reduce infrastructure and energy costs. The latest model of the Power 740 Express adds increased memory capacity, higher performance POWER7+ processors and high bandwidth Generation 2 peripheral component interconnect Express (PCIe) slots to provide even greater performance capabilities.

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