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Open innovation for waitless insights and business-agile infrastructure

Built with open technologies, IBM Power Systems offer servers designed for big data that are optimised, secure, and adapt to changing business demands. They deliver superior cloud economics with secure and open choices and incorporate continual innovation from a growing ecosystem that broadens application choice and enhances customisation and performance.

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Designed for big data

Provide a personalised, engaging customer experience with Power Systems innovations that accelerate insights.

Announcing the most business-agile 4-socket system in the marketplace

With flexible Capacity on Demand and guaranteed system utilisation, the IBM Power E850 enables you to adapt your Linux and AIX application infrastructure quickly to the peaks and valleys of business demand.

Drive waitless insights with the most scalable in-memory analytics platforms in the industry

Create new business opportunities from in-memory databases like DB2 with BLU Acceleration or Oracle Database securely and confidently with up to 192 POWER8 cores and 16TB memory on Power Enterprise Systems.

Handle the demands of in-memory databases with more processing power and up to 2TB memory for Power Scale-out Systems.

Lower costs and achieve rapid time-to-value with solutions optimised for SAP HANA

Delivering the infrastructure that SAP HANA clients deserve, Power Systems Solution Editions for SAP HANA offer an ideal solution for mission-critical in-memory analytics with SAP HANA.

Big data analytics and high value insights for Hadoop infrastructure

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Superior cloud economics

Achieve superior cloud economics with the new IBM PurePower System converged infrastructure offering and software enhancements built on open standards and technologies that help transform your infrastructure for the era of cloud.

IBM PurePower System, the most secure, quick-to-deploy converged infrastructure for cloud, offering up to 12X1 the workload density of competitive offerings and open choice to adapt to your changing business needs.

Remake IT for the era of cloud with POWER8 in SoftLayer and deliver more results at a fraction of the cost of x86 cloud infrastructures.

Reduce IT operating costs, automate workload management with more powerful policy-based management, and improved VM availability features in PowerVC.

Help match revenue streams with infrastructure cost with monthly per core licensing for IBM i and selected LPP entitlements for Cloud Service Providers.

Ensure application portability between private and public clouds and automate cloud orchestration with Open Source Docker containers now available via Ubuntu distribution.

Power VM

Why your virtualisation matters

How real companies maximise the value of their IT platforms

Open innovation platform

Take advantage of broader application choices and optimised solutions from a growing POWER ecosystem offering enhanced customisation through continuous innovation. Building on the open architecture of Power Systems, clients can take advantage of a larger, open Linux ecosystem with Little Endian Linux support for Power Enterprise Systems through PowerVM.