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Smarter Computing

Today, we are in the midst of a technology shift driving growth and innovation. Cloud, analytics, social business, and mobile solutions aren’t simply remaking computing, they are remaking business. These new applications are driving the huge growth in data volumes and variety and the need for systems with the compute intensive performance to process it. This new era represents an opportunity for organisations to reshape the value they deliver, but cost, complexity and risk are standing in the way. So how can companies make sure their IT infrastructure is ready now for what’s next?

At IBM, we believe there’s an answer - we call it Smarter Computing - the IT infrastructure that enables the opportunities presented on a smarter planet. It’s a strategy that leverages cloud to speed time to market and improve efficiency, that unlocks the power of big data to deliver more actionable insight and secures critical information to reduce risk and help business enhance their compliance policies.

Cloud ready - dynamic efficiency

More than 70 percent of the typical IT budget is tied up in operations and maintenance. Cloud server technologies can help improve IT operations efficiency to enable companies to invest in business innovation. Through its PowerVM virtualisation software, IBM Power Systems provides dynamic efficiency for a cloud infrastructure. PowerVM virtualisation provides intelligent, dynamic resource allocation for rapid response to workload demands, enabling consistently high service levels across hundreds of virtual workloads on a single system.

Data ready - business analytics

As businesses react to the explosive growth of data, they need to store it, secure it and most importantly, extract actionable insight from it. IBM Power Systems are designed for the compute intensive performance demands of database and business analytics workloads, enabling faster business insights to be realised from processing structured and unstructured data in real time.

Security ready - enhanced compliance

The evolution of highly networked, data-intensive workloads has introduced significant security risks to IT infrastructures. The increasing prevalence of social, mobile, virtualisation and cloud technologies present a profound security challenge. IBM Power Systems help companies enhance their security and compliance practices with policy-based PowerSC software to simplify security and lower compliance costs.

Optimised for compute intensive workloads

IBM has a full range of Power Systems servers, compute nodes and blades, each of which delivers leadership compute intensive performance and scalability in its class. A totally integrated approach to the design, development and testing of each and every Power server, blade or compute node ensures the resiliency required for today’s IT infrastructure.

All Power Systems server models include innovative reliability, availability and serviceability features that help avoid unplanned downtime. With Capacity on Demand (CoD), Hot-Node Add and Active Memory Expansion, Power Systems enterprise servers ensure businesses can keep their most important applications available, even as they add capacity to handle new business demands.

IBM offers a full range of IBM Power Systems software technologies that enable businesses to fully exploit Power Systems servers. Designed and optimised specifically for Power Systems, IBM’s offerings include IBM PowerVM virtualisation software, IBM PowerHA software for high availability (HA), PowerSC software for security and compliance, and IBM Systems Director with IBM Active Energy Manager for platform and energy management. IBM’s integrated approach to developing the systems and software together enables high system utilisation, high resiliency and simplified management. In addition, IBM Power Systems offers thousands of popular industry applications from independent software vendors (ISVs) running on a choice of AIX, IBM i and Linux operating systems.

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