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IBM System Networking's Cloud Ready Network Architecture addresses the network-related concerns about private and public cloud computing. As enterprises and cloud providers seek to harness the considerable advantages of cloud computing, their networks must be equipped with five essential elements -- high-bandwidth/low-latency switching, convergence to Ethernet, massive virtualisation for agile workloads, scalable management and advanced energy efficiency. Cloud Ready Network Architecture is extending the performance and capabilities of data centre networks from blade server to switch to SAN that will enable the scale-out performance and economies promised by cloud computing. Cloud Ready products include the industry's first FCoE-ready 10 Gigabit Ethernet blade server switch with full 100 Gig Ethernet of uplink capacity, a high-performance 10GbE top-of-rack switching solution for IP SANs and a massive virtualisation solution that supports more than 1,000 virtual ports for the cloud-ready data centre.

High-bandwidth, low-latency switching: An IBM BNT switch can deliver up to 100Gbps of uplink connectivity from a blade server to core networks at latencies as low as 350ns to power the very large-scale, distributed I/O required in cloud computing environments. Priced at under $500 per 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, IBM BNT 10GbE Ethernet switches enable the affordable scale-out networks required for cloud computing. Standards-based and widely available, 10Gb Ethernet eliminates the need for InfiniBand in cloud computing clusters.

Convergence to Ethernet: IBM System Networking has introduced the first FCoE-ready blade server switch with the loss-less switching required for converged data and storage networking. The IBM BNT Virtual Fabric 10G Switch Module (10-port) is the first to provide a full 100 Gigabits of Ethernet connectivity to a blade server system.

Massive virtualisation for agile workloads: VMready network-aware virtualisation switch-resident software is the first networking solution to support 1,000 or more virtual switch ports. A virtual machine-aware network is required by today’s massive cloud computing environments.

Scalable management: IBM System Networking's approach to replicating pre-provisioned racks enables the lowest total cost of ownership for data centre networks. Using BLADEHarmony Manager, multiple switches in the stack can be managed as a single large switch. Multiple switches located in multiple blade server chassis, even across racks, operate as one large virtual switch.

Advanced energy efficiency: The power consumption of an IBM BNT switch achieves power consumption as low as a standard light bulb. In massive cloud computing environments, this translates to savings of hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours.

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