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IBM Virtual Fabric®: Fast, Flexible and Reliable I/0

When it comes to I/O, data centres face more challenges than ever before, including:

Welcome Virtual Fabric from IBM, which provides fast, flexible and reliable I/O solutions that fit into your existing data centre and offers you a new way to overcome these challenges. This new and innovative solution based on Emulex adapters and specific IBM BNT products is different than other vNIC solutions in that it carves up dedicated pipes between the adapter and the switch. This solution is built on industry standards, provides maximum performance in both directions and allows for pipes to be allocated at any speed from 1GbE to 10GbE. Building a Dynamic Infrastructure today with IBM Virtual Fabric also allows for advanced levels of security and higher levels of availability per virtual NIC by leveraging virtual pipes, which isolate vNICs from each other.

Features Benefits
Reduce Cost and Complexity: Leveraging a single 10GbE dual-port adapter and creating virtual pipes to fewer upstream switch ports helps drive out cost and complexity in IT infrastructures by requiring up to 75% fewer adapters, cables and upstream switch ports. It is also important to note this can be leveraged across multiple application environments not just virtualisation. When compared to leveraging multiple 1GbE ports, clients can see:
Performance: Leveraging Emulex and the IBM BNT switches can provide extreme levels of performance versus multiple 1GbE implementation or other vendors’ vNIC implementations with:
Scalable and Flexible: Ability to adjust as your requirements and needs dictate by:
High Availability and Security: With the consolidation of multiple VMs per server, the demands for security and availability are more critical. Thus, the IBM Virtual Fabric solutions using Emulex and IBM BNT innovations as they:

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