IBM Software Defined Network for Virtual Environments (VE), OpenFlow Edition


Data centres (DC) are gravitating toward a new environment; one that is software defined. A Software Defined Environment (SDE) optimises the entire computing infrastructure – compute, storage and network resources – so it can adapt to the type of work required. The proliferation of big data and devices like smart phones means DC have to be agile and responsive. Networking with its numerous protocols and static, don’t-move-things model is straining to keep up. Even with recent advances, the physical network remains a bottleneck lacking the flexibility needed to accelerate business success.

IBM SDN for VE, OpenFlow Edition is part of a family designed to create a unified network architecture which enables cloud and big data analytics. Network services and applications submit requests for network functions. A controller engine interprets the requests coming from applications through APIs, converts the requests into tasks and assigns the tasks to network devices. The result is a highly programmable platform for rapid deployment of networks in support of business applications. The OpenFlow Edition supports:

IBM SDN for VE, OpenFlow Edition can help clients:

Product features

Software summary

IBM Software Defined Network for VE, OpenFlow Edition at a glance
OpenFlow standard
Supported OpenFlow switches
Forwarding capabilities
Deploy virtual networks
Optimised layer 3 routing for OpenFlow networks
Highly available
Northbound API support
User interface
Licensing Program number US, Canada, AP and Japan order number Latin America and EMEA order number
1-year subscription and support 5641-SD1 00JX600 00JX606
3-year subscription and support 5641-SD2 00JX601 00JX607
5-year subscription and support 5641-SD3 00JX602 00JX608
Note: licensing is per managed switch

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