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Step up to new levels of performance and reliability with the IBM System x3690 X5, the only 2-socket, 2U enterprise-class x86 system. With performance, memory-capacity and reliability features previously found only in four-socket offerings, the x3690 X5 is a smart solution designed to help you reach your business goals.

Whether you need more power than your current 1 or 2 socket infrastructure provides, or a cutting-edge enterprise platform without the expense of a new 4-socket infrastructure, the x3690 X5 can be the building block for your intelligent IT infrastructure.

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Why choose System x3690 X5?

  • - Enterprise class x86 server technology

    Unique in the x86 server landscape, there are no competitive offerings comparable to the x3690 X5. Only IBM System x allows you to consolidate and virtualise your workloads from multiple servers onto an enterprise-class two-socket system to help you lower operational and software license costs. Consolidation of many-to-one allows higher utilisation, better ROI and lower administration costs, while consuming less energy and taking up less rack space.

  • - Better database performance

    Your databases need more memory, processing power and room to grow. MAX5 memory expansion and eXFlash SSD technology increase your system's memory capacity and storage performance, delivering larger, faster databases and reducing the need for additional systems or external storage.

  • - More desktop environments

    Virtualising workloads on an x3690 X5, alone or with MAX5, can help lower costs by increasing the number of virtual machines achievable on a two-socket system. The unprecedented memory capacity of the x3690 X5 also allows you to enable more virtual desktop users than any other two-socket x86 system.

Key features

The x3690 X5 offers breakthrough innovation for smarter computing. These systems feature:

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IBM eX5 enterprise systems can help you maximise memory, minimise cost and simplify deployment


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Analyst reports

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