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Enterprise systems are security ready

Organisations are constantly being challenged to implement new ways to reach and engage their clients. But each new digital service opens the door to more sophisticated security threats. Today, a security or privacy breach can cost millions – not including the immeasurable impact of damaged consumer trust and brand reputation. Security is no longer just an IT issue; it’s a boardroom imperative for trust, loyalty and success.

Only enterprise systems from IBM deliver peace of mind for your business, your partners and your clients through unmatched security for data and applications.

They are secure by design, with robust encryption of data at rest and in-flight with strict isolation for sensitive applications and data in virtualised environments. They also help organisations manage risk and control the costs of compliance.

Protect integrity of data

Enterprise systems ensure privacy and isolation of sensitive data and the integrity of critical data delivered to applications across the enterprise, and they manage the encryption of data over its lifecycle whether it is at rest or in motion.

Protect against application vulnerabilities

Enterprise systems utilise predetermined rules and policies across lines of business to deliver applications that are built with secure development principles. They also protect existing applications by detecting code vulnerabilities, especially as they are integrated with new services.

Strengthen fidelity and accountability of users

Enterprise systems help identify users and manage their access control and authorisation, establishing a unique, trusted identity across a federated environment, thus providing accountability for all user activities.

Safeguard integrity of infrastructure

Enterprise systems protect the critical infrastructure assets and resources of the enterprise, ensuring secure isolation of virtualised workloads and protecting against security breaches that may affect the reputation of the business.

Manage compliance and mitigate risk

Enterprise systems provide a comprehensive enterprise security model that is designed to address regulatory mandates and enable best practices for enterprise governance, risk and compliance management.

Choosing the system to fit your security needs:

Underpinning any technology decision is the need for better security and privacy for data at rest, in-flight or in archive. IBM systems are repeatedly named a top choice in security benchmarks. Learn more about the security advantages both systems have to offer:

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