Enterprise systems from IBM

Proven for today's critical workloads.
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Enterprise systems offerings

Building a Smarter Planet with IBM means being prepared for the transformational megatrends that are reverberating through your organisation, your industry and beyond. IBM stands out among our industry peers and in businesses at large as distinctively able to keep moving to the future by helping our clients generate differentiating value for their business. That IBM spends over $5 billion per year in research and the innovation in the realm of enterprise systems is apparent. Surrounding that innovation with the right services, financing, and unparalleled global reach means IBM clients truly garner the benefits of Smarter Computing.

Enterprise systems offerings from IBM include:

IBM Enterprise Power Systems

Power Systems are the ultimate servers for combining enterprise transaction processing applications with compute intensive workloads like analytics. POWER processor performance and the data-optimised design of POWER architecture ensures that Power Systems can manage both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources in real time. This unique capability makes Power Systems ideal for running big data, database and transactions together on a single scalable system.

IBM zEnterprise System

IBM zEnterprise System is ideally suited for enterprises with multiple lines of business that run large-scale transaction processing applications that generate vast quantities of structured data. They are designed for centrally managing and securing the most critical IT services of an enterprise. Compared to x86 servers, they deliver superior economics through large-scale consolidation and enterprise private clouds with capability for more than 100,000 virtual machines in a single system.