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Why enterprise systems?

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IT departments in every organisation continue to be challenged on too many fronts:


In this environment, transforming the management of critical information and processes is vital to generating new business value, delivering new client services and capturing new markets. To deliver this transformation, forward-thinking businesses rely on enterprise systems —the servers, storage and software at the centre of their enterprise IT infrastructure. Because this data and these core processes and services are sensitive and indispensable, they can only be trusted to systems that deliver the highest levels of service, scale to meet virtually any demand the business might place on them, deliver real-time insight from data, provide superior security, and offer extraordinary efficiency and availability.

Enterprise systems

The enterprise systems that clients choose when it matters most are IBM Enterprise Power Systems, IBM zEnterprise System, IBM Storage for Power (US) and IBM Storage for System z (US). Ready for today's toughest challenges, enterprise systems are:

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Over the past 5 years, the cost of data loss has increased by 68%. 8ZB of estimated digital content by 2015. Average % of IT budget devoted to operations & maintenance is 70%.

Find how the megatrends in social, mobile and cloud computing are driving new IT requirements in your organisation.

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