Enterprise systems from IBM

Proven for today's critical workloads.
Designed for tomorrow's next generation applications. 

Enterprise systems are data ready

In order to provide new opportunities and mitigate risk, organisations want to unlock the value of their data from inside and outside the business. They're shifting from business intelligence reporting based on historical information to gaining actionable insights from data in real time.

Enterprise systems run critical processes, manage all key enterprise data, and they can provide the scalability and efficiency to deliver insights through real time analytics across all forms of data. And by ensuring continuous availability of the data and applications, they enable informed, timely business decisions across the enterprise.

With enterprise systems in your IT portfolio, your organisation is better able to:

Deliver actionable insights

Enterprise systems enable thousands of users to leverage new business analytics capabilities including business intelligence, reporting and predictive analytics.

Embed analytics into business transactions

Enterprise systems enable new analytics capabilities deriving actionable insights from analytics embedded into transactional processes in real time.

Deliver highest scale for enterprise data and applications

Enterprise systems deliver highest scale for enterprise transactional applications, linking critical data and interconnecting processes across multiple lines of business and value chains.

Provide consistent access across enterprise data

Enterprise systems enable data to be made available consistently across enterprise applications, enable it to be securely accessed from any device at any time from any location and enable it to be linked and leveraged across lines of business.

Ensure continuous availability for enterprise applications

Enterprise systems ensure continuous availability for mission-critical business services by utilising concurrent system maintenance and upgrades to avoid downtime, and they offer advanced resiliency features and redundant hardware components built in as standard.

Protect business against risk of disasters

Enterprise systems help businesses reduce costs and risks to business reputation caused by unplanned downtime and data centre disasters.

Choosing the right infrastructure for analytics

Power Systems and zEnterprise System are industry-leading solutions for turning information into insight. Learn more about the benefits of both:

Smarter Storage for data and cloud

Get actionable insights faster. Build a more efficient, adaptive infrastructure

MARK ANDERSON. IBM Distinguished Engineer. Chief Architect DB2 for IBM i. Watch the video.

Explore how large enterprises are linking data across lines of business, providing information to enterprise applications, ensuring continuous transaction availability and enabling real-time analytics on operational data.

Storage for enterprise systems

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