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Proven for today's critical workloads.
Designed for tomorrow's next generation applications. 

Enterprise systems are cloud ready

To drive change, businesses must shift IT investment from maintenance to initiatives that generate new value. In a recent IBM study of CIOs, 60% ranked cloud computing as high priority in their strategic plans to help them implement that shift. Organisations can drive new levels of infrastructure efficiency and agility with a scalable and secure enterprise private cloud. CIOs can ensure the service and security levels their lines of business

require for the most critical business applications with enterprise systems. Enterprise systems provide a centrally managed, virtualised pool of heterogeneous servers and storage that can drive efficiency, improve service delivery and reduce costs by maximising resource utilisation and staff productivity.

Enterprise systems offer:

Fully virtualised private cloud infrastructure

Enterprise systems feature a “shared everything” infrastructure with a centrally managed virtual pool of server and storage resources, enabling private clouds or managed services that lower costs by maximising resource utilisation and staff productivity.

Automated and prioritised resource provisioning

Enterprise systems feature dynamic workload and systems management across all key IT resources for maximising return on assets.

Secure, resilient and scalable cloud infrastructure

Enterprise systems feature virtualisation technologies that provide unmatched scale and highest qualities of service and security that are necessary for deployment of critical services in a private cloud or through a managed service provider.

Dynamic response to business demands

Enterprise systems enable key resources to be added permanently or temporarily on demand to ensure that IT can respond to the fluctuating demands of the business through automated provisioning and dynamic allocation of IT resources.

Cost effective storage

Cloud agile storage, such as the IBM DS8870 enterprise disk system, is designed for performance with innovative flash optimisation, tiering, exceptional reliability, security and scalability.

High return on assets deployed while minimising operating costs

Enterprise systems are packaged for financial efficiency by optimising cash flow through a “lease, refresh, and scale up” approach to asset management and service delivery.

Cloud: One good idea, two great solutions

Building a secure, scalable and dynamic cloud infrastructure is critical for freeing up budget locked in operations and maintenance. And whether it’s a private or hybrid infrastructure, IBM has two efficient systems to make your cloud visions a reality.

Smarter Storage for data and cloud

Get actionable insights faster. Build a more efficient, adaptive infrastructure

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