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Data Efficiency with IBM System Storage and TotalStorage products

FLEXIBLE DELIVERY CHOICE. New cloud solutions for backup, archive, and storage capacity on demand. Discover IBM storage solutions for clouds.

IBM Power™ Systems servers are designed to maximize data efficiency, optimize return on your IT investments, and deliver business services faster and with higher quality than competing servers. IBM System Storage offers storage solutions that are architected and tested to provide critical data on demand for IBM Power Systems applications.

Featured storage solutions for Power Systems platforms

IBM disk storage maximizes data availability (US)
The most demanding Power Systems applications call for instantaneous access to key/critical business data. Offering exceptional performance resiliency and superior data throughput, IBM disk storage systems are the culmination of more than 40 years of technical innovation. They are the industry benchmark for error-free, high-speed information availability.

IBM tape systems offer unsurpassed data retention and security (US)
Businesses that run on IBM Power Systems rely on IBM System Storage products to retain and maintain access to business records for legal, regulatory and business needs. Backed by more than 50 years of innovation, IBM tape products provide low-cost, highly-efficient data storage while protecting privacy and securely sharing information across the enterprise and with authorized partners and customers.

IBM SAN globalizes local storage and makes global storage local (US)
Businesses of all sizes are using IBM Power Systems to handle rapidly expanding global operations. IBM SAN (Storage Area Network) products and solutions provide integrated SAN solutions for multi-protocol local, campus, metropolitan and global storage networking applications for small, medium, and enterprise operations..

IBM NAS systems offer high-end storage with midrange affordability (US)
The storage devices in your enterprise data center must work seamlessly with your mainframe computing platform and with each other. IBM System Storage product can help you simplify your storage infrastructure, support business continuity, safeguard your information, and extract more value from your System z environment:

IBM System Storage for Power platforms

IBM Power System platforms offer three operating environments:

Information Infrastructure solutions

Storage products are key building blocks in creating an information infrastructure for enterprises of all sizes. IBM System Storage hardware and software are designed to help businesses gain a competitive advantage through the optimization of information-related business trends.


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