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Open innovation to put data to work across the enterprise

IBM Power Systems accelerate big data insights (US) and hybrid cloud deployment (US). A growing open server ecosystem (US) infuses innovation into Power Systems so clients are better equipped for cloud, analytics and mobile workloads as well as handling complex, mission critical applications with confidence.

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  • Accelerate your innovations with ours

    Join our October 6 Infrastructure Matters livestream event to learn more

  • Power Systems Technical University | October 20-24

    Budapest, Hungary
    Enabling the infrastructure for Smarter Computing

  • Expert IT debate | October 22

    Does IT infrastructure determine success?

  • Insight2014 | October 26-30

    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada
    The perfect forum to share experiences and best practices in big data and analytics

  • IBM i on Power Systems webcast

    Turning decades of research data into valuable medical insight

  • Simplifying cloud enabled enterprise environments

  • Linux Optimization Webcast

    Increasing the business value of enterprise Linux workloads

  • Power Systems Training

    Expand your skills with AIX, IBM i, and Linux offerings

What clients are saying

“The performance is outstanding and better than we ever could imagine... We knew it was fast but not this fast!”
- Jimi Inge, Product Manager at Tieto

“We saw substantial improvement in throughput using Linux on Power Systems… It was an easy decision to make a change.”
- Michael Douds, manager, technologies and web services at Bon Ton.

“Recent performance testing [of SugarCRM and Linux on POWER8] resulted in an increase of up to 2x over comparable platforms...”
- Clint Oram, Co-founder and CTO, SugarCRM

“Power is extraordinary, juju is magic, the combination is really quite good.”
- Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical

Featured video

Ubuntu on Power Systems

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth and IBM’s Doug Balog show the ease of migration to Linux on POWER8

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Elisabeth Stahl

Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing

Elisabeth Stahl

Elisabeth Stahl is Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing for the IBM Systems and Technology Group and has been working in systems performance for over 25 years.

Elisabeth's blog - benchmarkingblog

This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to systems performance and benchmarking. You can also find her on the IBM developerWorks blog - Benchmarking and systems performance

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Steve Will

Chief Architect: IBM i Operating System

Steve Will

Steve is the Chief Architect for IBM i, a Power Systems operating system used by hundreds of thousands of enterprises world wide. He is a frequent speaker at client events, collects requirements from customer advisory groups, and works with professionals inside and outside IBM on future technology.

Steve's blog: You and i

This blog is used to discuss topics related to IBM i, including our strategy, benefits of the architecture, announcements, and news. It allows the large and passionate IBM i client community the ability to respond, have conversations about what we say, and make the blog really be about you and i.

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Jeff Scheel

Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM's Linux Technology Centre

Jeff Scheel

Jeff Scheel, a Senior Technical Staff Member in IBM's Linux Technology Centre, serves as the PowerLinux Chief Architect. He directs IBM's technical investment in PowerLinux and works with customers and partners to solve problems with Linux on IBM Power Systems and PowerLinux servers.

Jeff's Blog: The PowerLinux Community

Jeff's a frequent contributor to the developerWorks PowerLinux community blog — providing answers to commonly asked questions, sharing insight from his travels and discussions with users, and highlighting key product and technical information. Join the community, follow along, and engage with other PowerLinux community members.

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