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Energy, the enviroment and IBM. Good for business. Good for the planet. Watch the video. Download the transcript. Watch the video (WMV, 22.7MB) Download the transcript (268KB)
Innovation for the planet 'Green' solutions Environmental stewardship


Leadership. Collaboration. Responsibility.

Organizations are facing unprecedented challenges related to energy and the environment—from cost containment and resource availability to regulations, stakeholder expectations and new business model development. In IBM's view, this work extends beyond any single company, industry or even country.

Most importantly, the world's business and government institutions, big and small, are driven by the urgent need to protect and sustain our planet while fostering economic growth and preserving our quality of life. It will require collaboration on many fronts.

IBM research, technology and our ability to solve complex business challenges are helping clients achieve their energy- and environment-related goals. As a globally integrated enterprise, IBM is ushering in a new era of business responsibility, based on environmentally sound stewardship in both mature and fast-growing markets. With decades of leadership in environmental stewardship; unmatched talent in IT and business innovation; and unparalleled global reach, IBM is unique in its ability to foster a sustainable future for our clients, for IBM itself and society as a whole.


Our commitment and responsibility

IBM is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities, from its operations to the design of its products and use of its technology.

IBM's environmental stewardship and management system (US)

As a business, IBM delivers innovation that matters for our clients. As a global enterprise, we value innovation that matters for our company and for the world. IBM's corporate citizenship reflects both our brand and our values by addressing some of society's most complex problems with game-changing business and technology innovation.

IBM's Corporate Responsibility Report (US)


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