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Reference Architectures for Mobile on System z

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David Follis
Stephen Wehr

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IBM Cloud

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Product(s) covered:

CICS; DB2 for z/OS and OS/390; IMS; z/VM

Abstract: This techdoc contains several documents to help you build mobile solutions that connect to data and transactions on System z. It is divided into three sections: System z Mobile Reference Architecture, System z Mobile Connectivity Guide, and Mobile Security Guide and Security Reference Architecture.

These documents are intended for customer I/T architects.

System z Mobile Reference Architecture
System z Mobile Connectivity Guide
Mobile Security Guide and Security Reference Architecture
    This document provides information on creating secure mobile application infrastructures on System z. It covers the MobileFirst security products and how those can be used to secure mobile applications on System z. This guide is meant to identify the key security components of a mobile solution, where they all run, and how they interact. It also shows examples of some specific mobile environments and how their security requirements can be met.

    Mobile Security Guide and Security Reference Architecture.pdfMobile Security Guide and Security Reference Architecture.pdf


Hardware; Software; Solutions


Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

S/W Pillar(s):

IBM System z Software; WebSphere




System z Mobile MobileFirst z/OS Connect

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