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zTPM (Tivoli Performance Modeler) Education

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Valerie Spencer

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Advanced Technical Sales

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Abstract: zTPM (Tivoli Performance Modeler) is a productivity tool designed to let you build a model of a z/OS based system, and then run various "what if scenarios". zTPM uses simulation techniques to let you model the impact of changes on individual workload performance. zTPM runs on Windows NT (or higher level) based PC.

Educational objective: The purpose of the online class for zTPM is to help prepare Capacity Planning deliveries (studies).

NOTE: The files should be viewed in sequence from top to bottom in the order presented.

This demo will explain the input screens

This demo will demonstrate how to build a baseline model using the BUILD function

This demo will demonstrate how to do Capacity Planning

This demo will demonstrate how to Model Multiple LPARs running on the same Processor using the Multi-Image Run function

This demo will demonstrate the zAAP performance modeling

Note: Please make a note of the following password which is required during installation of the zTPM tool from the following installation site.
password: tpm4u

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zTPM, Capacity Planning, zSeries

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