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WebSphere for z/OS Version 7 - Configuration Planning Spreadsheets

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Don Bagwell
John Cowel

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 7 is the latest offering from IBM.

For V6 we published Techdoc PRS1331 to hold the "Planning Spreadsheets" for that version of WebSphere z/OS. That Techdoc still exists.

While WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V7 is in many ways like the earlier versions, it still called for a new spreadsheet because of some new design elements and some new ports. We decided to create a new Techdoc to hold the V7 spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets are attached here. There are three different spreadsheets. An explanation of what each offers is provided with each spreadsheet copy.

John Cowel ( is the author of these spreadsheets.
Jeff Mierzejewski of IBM WebSphere Development and Test was a key contributor to the design and testing of the new V7 featuers of the spreadsheet.

Note: These spreadsheets work with OpenOffice as well.

Network Deployment Cell
This is the spreadsheet used to create the standard things we've become familiar with:
  • DMGR -- create a Deployment Manager node
  • Standalone -- create a Standalone Server node
  • Federate -- federate a Standalone Server into a DMGR
  • Empty Managed Node -- create a node that has no server defined initially
  • Cell -- create a DMGR+AppServer_Node in one set of jobs
  • Job Manager -- new in V7, it's part of the "Flexible Management" features.

    PRS3341 - WebSphere V7 Configuration - ND Cell.xls
This is the spreadsheet used to create the new "Flexible Management" Administrative Agent and Job Manager, along with a standalone server
  • Administrative Agent -- new in V7, it's part of the "Flexibility Management" features
  • Job Manager -- new in V7, it's part of the "Flexibility Management" features
  • Standalone -- the familiar Standalone Server ... the reason it's included here is because the Administrative Agent is intended to administer these from a single server

    PRS3341 - WebSphere V7 Configuration - Stand-Alone.xls

DMZ (Secure Proxy)
This is the spreadsheet used to create the new "Flexible Management" Secure Proxy Server along with its Administrative Agent
  • Proxy Server -- this proxy server is new with V7 and has features that make it more "DMZ Friendly" than the proxy server first introduced with V6.0.2
  • Administrative Agent -- an Administrative Agent designed to sit in the DMZ with the Secure Proxy and be that Proxy's administrative point of control




Planning and Design


IBM System z Family

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