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ProtecTIER Screen Cam Demo and Best Practices for IBM i Customers

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

# 9117-570; # 9117-MMA; # 9117-MMB; # 9406-MMA; AS/400; iSeries; POWER6; POWER6 570; POWER7; Power 750; Power 770; Power 780; Power 795; ProtecTIER

Abstract: This presentation provides a screen cam demo showing the steps to set up a ProtecTIER for the IBM i environment with BRMS. Best Practices information and other hints and tips are included throughout the demo. Screenshots are based on ProtecTIER 2.4

Allow 1:15-1:30 to give this presentation. If there are no questions, you can squeeze the material into 60 minutes but it’s very tight.

Please feel free to contact the author with any questions or suggestions.

ProtecTIER on IBM i - Setup Screen Cam Demo and Best Practices - V2e - for techdocs.ppt


Hardware; Software


Backup and Recovery


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM Storage


i5/OS; IBM i; OS/400


ProtecTIER 3958 “IBM i” “System i” iSeries AS/400 deduplication “virtual tape” TS7650 TS7610

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