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WebSphere z/OS - Comparing Front End HTTP Options

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Don Bagwell

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: There comes a point in time where anyone thinking about WebSphere Application Server design comes to a realization: "If I create a cluster, then I need something to balance or distribute inbound traffic between the two clustered servers!" And then it hits them: "There are so many different options! Which one should I use?" This presentation (with speaker notes) was designed to answer some of the questions. It was designed to provide some background on the more common options, explain what they do well and what they don't do quite as well, and by so doing provide a basis for comparison.

This paper compares four technologies: DVIPA+Sysplex Distributor; the HTTP Server + WebSphere "plugin"; the WebSphere Proxy Server; and the WebSphere Extended Deployment On Demand Router. But before something can be compared, a set of comparison criteria needs to be set. In this paper seven characteristics of each solution are explored so a comparison can be made: load balancing capabilities; DMZ friendliness; caching/edge serving capabilities; session object affinity routing; awareness of the operating environment; ability to configure for high availability; and platform applicability.

This paper briefly explores each option, explains what it can do with regard to each comparison criteria, then provides a table that compares it all in one summary chart.

Note: Comparisons can be subjective, and what is included in this presentation includes some things that are simply my opinion. It's an informed opinion but an opinion nevertheless. Please keep that in mind as you read the paper.

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IBM System z Family

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WebSphere z/OS, HTTP, front-end, clustering, plugin, proxy, ODR

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