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ProtecTIER Sizing - Data Collection Spreadsheet for IBM i Customers

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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AS/400; iSeries; OS/400; Power5; POWER6; POWER7; ProtecTIER

Abstract: This is an Excel Spreadsheet that will help you to gather the information needed from an IBM i customer in order to size a ProtecTIER. IBM i was formerly known as AS/400, iSeries, and System i.

The spreadsheet is set up for 2 IBM i servers at each of 2 sites with multiple LPARs on each. You will need to adjust the spreadsheet for different customer environments. The formulae are not magical - look at them and adjust them to suit the customer environment.

Recall that IBM i customers are used to very high single stream rates. Recall that virtual tape single stream speeds drop off as you add more streams. Hence you need to analyze the data in the Gantt Chart and the boxes beneath it to make sure the ProtecTIER can give you the stream speeds you need with the # streams that are running at once. The DD4 ProtecTIER gateways are a big help in this area since they have much faster single stream performance and can maintain performance with many more streams than the DD3 servers could.

For a small IBM i environment this data will be easy to collect and you may not even need to fill in all the fields in order to do the sizing. However, for large IBM i environments with many different backups on each system, and a requirement for the saves to run faster than the current environment, the data collection effort could take several days or even weeks.

Please feel free to contact the author with any questions or suggestions.

ProtecTIER on IBM i - Data Gathering Spreadsheet C - V2b - 2011 04.xls


Hardware; Software


Backup and Recovery


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM Storage


i5/OS; IBM i


ProtecTIER 3958 “IBM i” “System i” iSeries AS/400 deduplication “virtual tape” TS7650 TS7610

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