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Security Workshop: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Version 8 Handouts for WSW08 Wildfire Workshop

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David Follis

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IBM Cloud

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Abstract: The Security Workshop: WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Wildfire Workshop has been updated to Version 8.5, and the workshop course number is now WSW08.

The attached zip file includes all the handouts, including the hands-on labs. The topics covered are:

Unit 1: WebSphere and Java EE Security 
Lab 1: Basic and Form Based Authentication 
Unit 2: Client Certificate Authentication
Lab 2: Client Certificate Authentication 
Unit 3: LDAP and Bindings
Lab 3: LDAP and Bindings
Unit 4: Multiple security domains 
Lab 4: Multiple security domains 
Unit 5: Identity Mapping 
Lab 5: Identity Mapping 
Unit 6: Federated Repositories 
Lab 6: Federated Repositories 
Unit 7: CICS Connectors
Lab 7: CICS Connectors
Unit 8: Identity Propagation 
Lab 8: Identity Propagation 
Unit 9: Liberty Profile Security
Lab 9: Liberty Profile Security
Unit 10: Misc. Security Topics 
Lab 10: Disabling and Enabling Security
Unit 11: Virtual Keyring
Lab 11: Virtual Keyring

The workshop is generally scheduled to run once every three months in cities around the United States and sometimes elsewhere in the Americas. Check with your IBM Series z marketing representative for the latest schedule. The class is a "by invitation only" no-fee workshop used to help customers make the decision for WebSphere Application Server on z/OS.

WSW08 materials






IBM System z Family

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WebSphere; IBM System z Software




WebSphere, z/OS, security, SSL, RACF, LDAP, Identity Propagation

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