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Useful z/OS Communications Server "Magic Tricks" You May Have Missed on Your Way to V1R7

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Gwen Dente

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Washington Systems Center

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Abstract: Well, a lot has happened with Communications Server since z/OS V1R2.

But ... if you were like the rest of us, you were just scrambling to keep your head above water while simply trying to migrate to a supported release. In the process you probably heard or read a lot about all the enhancements in V1R2, V1R4, V1R5, V1R6 -- but did any of this news really register?? Well, probably the really big items did stick with you -- but did you know there were a lot of hidden gems in these releases that could make your life easier?

This session presents practical examples of a potpourri of pearls for your Communications Server z/OS implementation. With this knowledge under your belt, you can stop feeling overwhelmed about the impending V1R7 upgrade and feel that playing "catch up" with the previous releases will be a "snap."

Disclaimer: There are no IPv6 and very few Enterprise Extender or Sysplex/VIPA topics in this presentation, as these two subjects have been on the radar screen for quite a while now and are covered extensively in many other presentations. Therefore, you will find some of these items documented in the appendices of this presentation.
Therefore, this session tends to focus on subjects that have been "under the radar" and that have escaped many an implementer's attention.



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IBM System z Software




z/OS, Communications Server, VTAM, TCP/IP, SNA

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