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ProtecTIER Overview for IBM i Customers

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Mervyn Venter

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IBM Systems

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Product(s) covered:

# 9117-570; # 9117-MMA; # 9117-MMB; # 9406-MMA; AS/400; IBM System i5; iSeries; Power5; POWER6; POWER6 570; POWER7; Power 750; Power 755; Power 770; Power 780; Power 795; ProtecTIER; Tape Drive; TS7650; Virtualization Engine

Abstract: This presentation provides an Overview of the ProtecTIER product, targeted at the IBM i customer set. It can be squeezed into 75 minutes including the screen cam demo and with a minimum of questions … but allow 90 minutes if possible.

Run the pitch in screenshow mode to see the animation. Note that there are a few hidden charts - unhide them if you want to use them.

Please feel free to contact the author and reviewer with any questions or suggestions.

Nancy Roper,
Mervyn Venter,

ProtecTIER on IBM i Overview - V4e for Techdocs.pptProtecTIER on IBM i Overview - V4e for Techdocs.ppt


Hardware; Software


Backup and Recovery


IBM Power Systems; IBM System i; IBM Storage


i5/OS; IBM i; OS/400


"IBM i" iSeries AS/400 "System i" ProtecTIER "virtual tape" TS7650 TS7610 deduplication

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