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zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager -Hardware Management Console 2.11.0

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Riaz Ahmad
Gregory Hutchison

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Advanced Technical Sales

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z114; z196; zBX; zEnterprise 196

Abstract: The zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager is the most innovative component that brings together the zEnterprise 196 with the IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) in a hybrid environment. It enables the deployment and management of the heterogeneous hardware resources of System z Ensemble as a single virtualized pool of resources through a single interface that can be tied to the business requirements. This session will provide technical overview of the functional management domains integrated into the zEnterprise Unified Resource Manager. This session will describe the contents of an ensemble and the suites of functionality available to manage and automate with a use case.

040411 zManager RDS.pdf040411 zManager RDS.pdf




Operational Management


IBM System z Family



zManager HMC

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