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S13078 - IBM zEnterprise EC12 Processor Overview

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Abstract: This presentation provides a "deep dive" technical introduction to the processor design, architectural enhancements, and overall system structure of the IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12), IBM's most advanced System z Enterprise Class server, announced on August 28, 2012. Material presented will include considerable technical detail on zEC12 enhancements compared to z196 in the areas of the processor chip, additions to z/Architecture, the multi-chip module, cache hierarchy, processor book structure, memory offerings, cryptographic function, OnDemand offerings, and installation flexibility. A brief introduction to the zEC12 I/O infrastructure will also be included for completeness.

S13078 - IBM zEC12  Processor Feb4a2013.pdfS13078 - IBM zEC12 Processor Feb4a2013.pdf



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