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Spectrum Scale — Sharing Data across File Protocols

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Achim Christ
Alexander Saupp

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IBM Systems

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IBM Spectrum Scale

Abstract: This document provides guidance for IBM Spectrum Scale clients using multiple, heterogeneous file protocols to access the same set of data. While the actual data access is very easy to achieve, there are some considerations and best practices on permission management in such configuration.

After outlining relevant basic concepts for the scenario of multi-protocol access to the same set of data (heterogeneous file sharing), some specific considerations are discussed in this document. This includes calling attention to areas which require particular consideration and illustrating possible deployment options.
Finally, detailed technical setup and configuration guidance will be given for one possible configuration scenario. The document was crafted for a client relying on Microsoft Active Directory authentication with RFC2307 ID mapping; therefore the document has a special focus on this type of ID mapping.

Spectrum Scale - Sharing Data across File Protocols.pdfSpectrum Scale - Sharing Data across File Protocols.pdf




Installation and Migration


IBM Storage


Linux; Windows


gpfs, spectrum, scale, samba, ganesha, acl, nfs, smb

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