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IBM Tape Manager for z/VM and DFSMSRMS z/VM in a TS7700 Tape Grid Environment

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Shalawn King
Tracy Dean

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Software Sales

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Abstract: This document describes configuration and testing that were done with Tape Manager for z/VM V1.3 on a z/VM V6.3 system running DFSMSRMS for z/VM. The system was connected to a TS7700 tape grid consisting of 3 libraries or clusters. This testing was done as a result of questions from a real customer who has a tape grid and wanted to understand how Tape Manager for z/VM would work in their environment and with their requirements for using one (local) library as the primary and only using the second (remote) library when the first was being serviced or was unavailable due to DR (real or testing.) The following setup is specific to these questions and reflects and environment similar to the customer’s environment.

Tape Manager DFSMSRMS grid.pdfTape Manager DFSMSRMS grid.pdf




Backup and Recovery


IBM System z Family

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IBM System z Software; Tivoli




DFSMSRMS, z/VM, Tape, Grid, IBM Backup and Restore Manager for z/VM, IBM Tape Manager for z/VM, TS7700

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