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IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect

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Don Bagwell
David Follis

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Advanced Technical Sales

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WebSphere Application Server for z/OS; z/OS

Abstract: WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect is software that enables z/OS systems such as CICS and IMS to better and more easily participate in today's Mobile computing environment. It runs inside Liberty Profile for z/OS and provides an interface between mobile and cloud devices and backend systems. It provides RESTful APIs and accepts JSON payloads, and communicates with backend systems for data and transactions.

  • Built on Liberty Profile for z/OS, which means it is lightweight and dynamic. It runs as a z/OS Started Task, which means it can run within your current operational procedures and routines.
  • Provides a RESTful API interface and accepts JSON data payloads.
  • Configurable so you control what backend programs or applications are exposed and accessible.
  • Provides a discovery function so application developers may query for a list of configured services as well as query for details on the services.
  • Capable of performing data conversion from JSON to the data format required by the backend configured service.
  • Optional authorization checking using SAF to allow or deny users access to z/OS Connect services.
  • Optional activity recording using SMF to track requests by date and time, bytes sent and received, response time, and CPU used.

Technical Executive Two-Page Brochure

z/OS Connect Presentation
    The following presentation provides a more technically detailed look at z/OS Connect. It is provided in two files -- one has just the presentation charts; the other has the charts plus speaker notes.

Quick Start Guide and Supporting Files

    Introduction and Overview




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IBM System z Family

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WebSphere Liberty z/OS Connect

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