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Performance benefits of IBM System x3850 X6 for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse Workloads

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Vinay Kulkarni
Michael Lawson

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Systems and Technology Group

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IBM System Storage; IBM System x

Abstract: This paper describes the series of tests performed by the IBM® System x® Performance Lab in Kirkland, Washington that demonstrate the benefits of using IBM System x3850 X6 with SQL Server 2012 for a large-scale Decision Support System.
In January 2014, IBM announced new IBM® X6 servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processors, including the IBM System x3850 X6, the IBM System x3950 X6, and a planned IBM Flex System x880 X6 Compute Node.
The X6 family is designed to be fast from the ground up. Every subsystem is tuned to maximize performance:
• Processing power, thanks to the latest Intel Xeon E7-4800 v2 and E7-8800 v2 processors
• Huge memory capacity, with 96 DIMM sockets in the x3850 X6 and 192 DIMM sockets in the x3950 X6 (and with support for 64 GB LRDIMMs, you can have up to 6 TB of memory in the x3850 X6 or 12 TB in the x3950 X6)
• New storage technologies, with IBM eXFlash memory-channel storage that closely aligns the performance of storage with the power of the processors
• Intelligent storage caching, thanks to IBM FlashCache Storage Accelerator

Performance benefits of IBM System x3850 X6 for SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse workloads.pdfPerformance benefits of IBM System x3850 X6 for SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse workloads.pdf






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IBM System x3850 X6 Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse Windows Server 2012 R2

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