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Absolute Capping for zEnterprise LPARs

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Mike Smith

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Field Technical Sales Support

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# 2827; # 2828

Abstract: Absolute Capping is a new control which was made available in 2013 as part of licensed internal code (LIC) supporting the zBC12 and zEC12 GA2 CPCs. It is enabled on zEnterprise via licensed internal code Version 2.12.1 at Driver Level 15 or higher.

Absolute Capping is available to any LPAR but is of particular interest for non z/OS LPARs such as z/VM and Linux on z that cannot make use of z/OS Workload Manager capacity management functions.

Unlike traditional LPAR Capping, this enhancement is designed to provide a physical capacity limit enforced as an absolute (versus relative) value that is not affected by changes to the virtual or physical configuration of the system.

WP102382_Absolute Capping_12162013.docWP102382_Absolute Capping_12162013.doc




Operational Management


IBM System z Family


Linux; MVS; VM; z/OS; z/VSE


LPAR Capping, Absolute Capping, Absolute Capacity, z/VM, zVM, z/OS, zOS, linux, zAware, Mike, Smith, zEnterprise

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